Who We Are

Conestoga was born out of the belief that we’re obligated to create a healthier world and a better future, and we pride ourselves on balancing innovative solutions with old-fashioned service. Our team views customers as partners, and our passion is ethical resource management. Our leadership team is made up of passionate sustainability veterans and innovative experts aligned in a singular mission with a singular goal: developing low-carbon solutions today that will create a healthier tomorrow.

Our core values are our north star, guiding our team into the future. The Conestoga core values are:

– Caring For People
– Accountability
– Integrity
– Passion For Excellence

We believe that the only way to forge a healthier future through sustainability is to manage the entire lifecycle of products we use.

This is what that looks like in practice.

We partner with farmers who produce feedstock using low-carbon, sustainable practices. We also help them become ICC-certified.

We operate low-emission plants that produce green, low-carbon bio-ethanol and all-natural alcohol for a myriad of products. We perform carbon sequestration and capture CO2 during fermentation for EOR sequestration.

Our midstream teams deliver products to customers, provide comprehensive logistics solutions, and offer sustainability insights that help businesses across the country lower their carbon footprint.

We use co-products of our fuel bio-ethanol production to create sustainable feed solutions for ranchers that are reaching new heights for nutrition and efficiency.

We’re Forging the Future of Sustainability

Investing in change begins with a conversation.