Conestoga Renewable Fuel

Forging the Future

Conestoga’s foundation is a passion for renewable alcohol and sustainable energy solutions. With an eye on the future and a history of innovation, our Renewable Alcohol offering makes it possible for our customers to make the profitable choice and the ethical choice one and the same.

Conestoga began primarily focused on low-carbon bio-ethanol production, but our reach has spread far beyond that. We’re about making the most of our resources through the production of low-carbon renewable energy, and we plan to expand our focus to include renewable diesel in the very near future.

In addition to bio-ethanol, our renewable alcohol division produces ingredients for cleaning, sanitization products, and handles CO₂ sequestration. With an eye to the future, Conestoga Renewable Alcohol will expand its offerings of low carbon products to meet the growing needs of the sustainable energy market.

Bio-Ethanol Production

Conestoga is well known for being a leading producer of sustainable, low-carbon bio-ethanol. Producing over 200 million gallons per year, we are equally proud of our output and our methods of production.

We partner with farmers employing carbon-friendly techniques and minimal tilling. We are one of the few companies certified by the ICC as an environmentally-friendly producer of renewable alcohol. We were leaders in embracing carbon sequestration and are one of the only teams that capture CO2 off of fermentation for EOR sequestration.

Throughout every step of our supply chain, we employ sustainable and carbon-friendly practices, including helping our farmers become ISCC-certified. To us, sustainability is not a buzzword or a passing fad. It’s a vital component of protecting our future and our children’s future. Sustainability is no longer an option. It is the option. We strive to do it right.

Conestoga Renewable Alcohol Plants

Conestoga’s Arkalon facility is located in Liberal, Kansas, and has a production capacity of 115 million gallons per year.

Corn oil extraction began in 2014.

Conestoga’s Bonanza plant is located in Garden City, Kansas, and has a production capacity of 62 million gallons per year.

Corn oil extraction began in 2014.

Conestoga’s Diamond facility is located in Levelland, Texas. The Pellet Mill produces range cubes from dried distillers grain that helps supplement range cattle.

The facility has 3 extruder lines that are capable of producing 30,000 tons of cubes per year.

We’re Forging the Future of Sustainability

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